Most days I'm thankful for my ability to write quickly. I'm not an amazing writer, but it generally doesn't take me very long to get my thoughts down on paper in a decently understandable way. Also, I'm wordy, so if I have to fill a certain amount of pages I can stretch my thoughts well and since I'm not in any writing classes I get good grades despite sometimes being unnecessarily wordy. These are skills that come in handy when writing papers, but aren't so conveinient when I have an hour and a half to kill between classes and no homework yet.

I don't know what to do with myself during this time. I'm sure later in the semester I'll be grateful for this abundant time to do homework, but right now I almost wish I had more homework to do. It's such an icky time frame because it's not quite enough time to go anywhere and get anything big done. When it gets warm enough I'll start bringing my camera with me and going outside and just shooting and experimenting with light more, but I'm not one to be ambitious enough to go out in the cold and shoot. I despise being cold. More than I can put into words. Okay, well, maybe not quite that much, but close.

So, meanwhile, before the warm weather and the homework, I'm left to write. And to feel frustration relating to my quick-writing skills.

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