I want to be a better writer. I really, really do. I love reading blogs and seeing how different people write and string together words in different ways and how some are whimsical, painting a better-than-life picture, like how there's leaves stuck to your boots when you're walking in fall and instead of it being troublesome it's the perfect fall day, and how some are sarcastic and blunt and comical. Some make you want to fall into the words and some are harsh and annoying and some make you feel spunky and witty and some just make you feel smarter by reading it. I want to write in a way that makes people feel spunky and smart. And in a way that's honest. I love falling in love with the romantic, alluring wording, but that's not me. I'm much more blunt. I just really want to write well, in a way that's true to me.

Which means I should practice. I'll add that to my growing list of things to practice continually. Oh my.

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