I'm a bad Wisconsin resident. I like snow the first time it snows each year or if it snows enough to cancel my obligations for the day -- so much snow that everyhing is transformed into this beautiful, white winter wonderland. I love snow for Christmas. But soon after I enjoy those few things about snow I get sick of it. And then I want spring. I want to not have to brush my car off in the morning and bundle lots of layers on just to walk from my car to class.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was wearing a cute little bundled up outfit, and I curled my hair and I was happy. And then I looked outside and it was snowing. And I had to stand outside and wipe off my car, and walk inside school with two inches of my face peaking out after driving there and watching people slide all over the road. All that means I no longer had any curls in my hair when I got to class and I was tense all day driving to school and work and home, worried about going in the ditch.

Oh yes, I am ready for spring flowers.

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