This Sunday, these "hearts" are the things I'm currently in love with, and these "parts" are things I could happily part with any time now.

- signature jewelry. standard pieces that become a part of your identity, that are typically generally plain. I really love this Tiffany ring, super plain, just silver, goes with anything, casual to dressy, and is something I could wear all the time.
- red velvet cupcakes. I spent all afternoon yesterday making some pretty amazing cupcakes, and eating more than my fair share. Bringing them to church for drama practice today, hope everyone's hungry!
- crazy bookshelf. I love it! I emailed a picture of it to my stepdad and asked him if he could make me one. Haha. I love how original it is and want one like it in my house someday. In a bright bright living room.
- Ashley and Caroline. My two friends, roommates from sophomore year. We've been trying for months to get together and are finally having a date night today! Shopping in the mall and then out to eat at Chili's. Perfection, yes please.
- Matthew West's song, Only Grace. I signed up to sing in church again in March, and if I can find an accompainment track for it, this is the song I'll sing. It's about forgiveness, and how when we come to God, there's no guilt or shame -- just grace and love.

- all the Tiger Woods drama. I've heard enough now thank you, it's time for him to get out of the media and fix things with his family.
- the neon trend. Ehhhh, I don't think I'll ever look good in bright neon colors...in fact I think few people do. If your clothing is the color of a traffic sign, it's probably too bright.
- dirty dishes. LOTS of baking/cooking yesterday. I loved doing it, but oh boy does it create a lot of dishes. Cleaning up is not as fun as putting the ingredients together.

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