Round two of hearts and parts! Hearts are things I love this Sunday, and parts are things I could part with.

1- Tanning. I love taking a nap in a tanning bed every other day. It’s relaxing and warm and it makes me nice and subtly tan. It’s amazing how a little bit of a tan can make me feel like I look so much better.
2- Spas. Jilane and I were going to go the spa this weekend but they wound up being booked. Very sad, because we were looking forward to the relaxation and massaging and being pampered. But, instead, we’re doing our own spa day. Foot soak, hand soak, face mask. And then practicing make up for her wedding. Happiness!
3- Songs For a New World. FANTASTIC musical. I love Jason Robert Brown. He does such a great job. They’re doing it on campus, but sadly it’s the weekend of Jilane and CJ’s wedding, so I’ll be a little busy. But it’s okay, because that’s something so good to be busy with!
4- Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Crème. My hands have been so incredibly dry this winter, no matter how much lotion I put on them. But this stuff works like a charm! I put it on every night before bed, and it smells amazing and makes my hands soft and smooth. It’s great for my knees and elbows when they get overly dry too. Love it!
5- Katie. My little sister. On Saturday we had a fairytale day, taking pictures all morning and making cupcakes all afternoon. I love every minute I get to spend with her and every story she tells me about her life.

1- Tanning. Skin cancer = bad. They try to tell you at the salon that it’s not really bad for you but I don’t think I believe them. Which means come Jamaica time I’ll be cancelling my membership. Sadness.
2- Broken toes = my aunt dropped a block of salt on her toe, and basically broke it from what I understand. It means she can’t drive, which vetoed our plans last weekend. More sadness.
3- Missing backs to earrings. That drives me nuts! I love my earrings and I don’t tend to lose them, just the backs, but that causes me to panic a bit and wonder when the day will come that I’ll lose the earring part of the earring.

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