This weekend, Katie and I made cupcakes. I've discovered I really love making cupcakes. They're bright and cheery. If you screw one up, the whole project isn't ruined. They're personal sizes so you can control your eating impulses. Or at least try to. And you can make so many different KINDS. I love them.

This batch was to welcome my parents home from their vacation. We made them at my dad's house though, and making them in a kitchen that is not your own is frustrating! I had to use different tools than I'm used to, but in the end we made it work. Not without spilling powdered sugar all down my jeans though!

Katie was the beater licker and the taste tester, and the one who cleaned up all the messes I made. I made quite a few. But it was fun, and we spent time laughing. I love laughing with my little sister.

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