Love them!


The texture in this woodpile intrigued me.


Buds have always struck me as kinda cute.


Lia Sophia bracelet. Got it years ago, still love it. For the right outfit, still love it.


It's reaching.


Check it out. For every pair of shoes they sell, one is donated to kids who need shoes. It makes me want a pair even more.


Mild obsession with grass continues...


I got a gift certificate for this boutique place by my work for Christmas, and just now got around to using it. I got two rings, this is one of them. When I bought them I liked the other one more...but now this one might be my favorite.


These pretty weed/flowers are all up my parent's driveway right now. They add to the reasons I love coming home.



This picture makes me excited for fall clothing. My last fall on campus. And the leaves. That's what I get from this picture.


This is Harry and Lyndley. They're getting married in August. And they are super fun.


I ate this strawberry. And then as I was about to throw the top away, I realized it looked like a star. Pretty sure that merits a picture.


Pretty pretty birthday flowers!



Last week I was in a movie mood, so I rented When In Rome from Family Video. The movie was a happy little chick flick, but nothing mentionable. The music played during it however -- pretty amazing. Check out this classic, Make You Feel My Love, sung by Adele Adkins. It's glorious.



This is going to be a three-part post. Recently I took pictures of two of my good friends, Tina and Emily. They're best friends, so the shoot included some of them together and some of just Tina or just Emily. I'm starting with a post of just pictures of Ms. Emily.

Emily came over to my apartment before the shoot for help with makeup and hair. I had so much fun adding a little control to her fabulous curls and giving her a little natural make up. We talked about her crazy job, school, and what she wants to do when she's done. Emily's just a year younger than me, and I remember a year ago knowing what I loved doing but not being sure how about I was going to make that into a job. God dropped me into the perfect solution, and I can't wait to see what He does in Emily's life!



Oh how I love all things nautical. Wait, no. Not all things. Cheesey anchors all over the place, not for me. I like the feeling of trends without obvious cues.


For my birthday, Jilane and I went to Door County. We took the ferry to Washinton Island, and biked to here, where we rested for a while in a wooden rocking swing. It was a happy day. More pictures to come!



My mom always makes me a dessert for my birthday. It's what she does. This year, however, her mixer broke. And she wasn't going to see me on my birthday. So she ordered an Edible Arrangement for me. The fruit is so yummy!


I saved this picture out of an email from CB2. And I titled it, "lova that table". Because I was in a quirky mood, yes, but also because, really? I know it's two tables pushed together, but I love the way it looks as one long unit. Can't wait to have a house of my own to decorate! And to entertain in.


This isn't the only blog I write on.

It's who I am, it's the things I love and all my quirks, but it's not the only blog I write on.

Adam has a blog for his business. While we started it with the intensions of having us both write on it so that our clients could get to know both of us, the two people they work with from booking to getting their final images, it's basically just me writing. We're coming to really see what each of our strengths are, and writing quickly but affectively is a strength of mine more than it's a strength of Adam's.
His strength is the beautiful images that I get to write about. So CLICK HERE to check it out, and get a glimpse of the great couples we get to work with!


I am blessed, with one of the best bosses in the world. Or at least one who is the best boss for me. For my birthday, Adam got me a Garmin. So when I'm driving myself to weddings I don't have to print of directions every time, I can just type the address in and go. I've already used it once and I've only had it for two days!


We've been having some awesome, pick up from no where storms lately. I love watching them, but I know many people who've been having flooding issues. Praying there's not too much damage!


I first saw this bracelet in New York and really liked it, but it was $30, and I don't spend that much on jewelry. At some point I'm sure I will, because I get that the quality makes a difference, but I'm still in the broke-college-student-saving-a-lot-because-I-don't-know-what's-yet-to-come-in-my-life stage. So I waited, found a coupon, got a deal, and then still paid a bit more than I usually do on such things, but for the bracelet I haven't stopped thinking about since New York. It's Fossil, and I love it!


I love makeup. MAC, in particular. Recently I acquired a few Macy's gift cards. Macy's gift cards = new makeup for me! I ran up to Hailey, my favorite girl at the MAC counter, clapping my hands telling her I had gift cards, which put a big smile on her face, because she knows I don't spend much, unless I'm spending gift cards. I needed to replace my bronzer, because I'm almost out, and Hailey excitedly asked me if I wanted the limited edition packaging. My response was, "of course!". Look how beachy and fun this compact is! I love it.



The. Best. Bread. In. The. World. Great Harvest Bread Co. In DePere. It's heaaaaaven.


So, some of my dailys are basically turning into product shots. This is Seche Vite, the best top coat in the world. Check it out.


So, I love women with really, really dark skin. I got really excited when I saw the cover of my Professional Photographer's Magazine.


There's a window in our garage. You can see the outside when you sit on our porch. The reflection from the trees in our backyard on it is like a happy kaleidoscope accident.


I love how green everything is right now.



1- Tina and Emily. Friends like them that I can have a girly night of laughter with – and who are also willing to model for a completely styled shoot and help make my vision come to life, teaching me so much about photography and what I love.
2- Joe. It was my stepdaddy’s birthday this Monday. He had a stressful day at work. I woke up to a phone call asking me to go on deliveries. This never happens – that’s how overwhelmed he was. But Mom made him a chocolate peanut butter pie, and I think his day got better.
3- Memphis. I saw this musical in NYC and bought the soundtrack when I got home. It’s a powerful musical about the challenges and horrors of segregation and how having something to be passionate about can change your life. “like and sad old melody, tears you up but sets you free…” – lyrics that give me a shiver up my spine and make me wish I could write like that!
4- Birthday coupons! I got a bunch in the mail this week, and they’re the best. A free $10 – without having to buy a certain amount to get it off.
5- Fireworks. Joy in explosion form. Pure happiness.


One year ago, on July 2nd, Adam lost his mom. This year, on July 2nd, he got married. On a beach, to the love of his life. And I cried.

They had a wedding party full of their family, a mass assortment of friends to make the day beautiful, and a tribute to Adam's mom that was the reason for my tears. More directly, it was the reason for Adam's tears, which then were the reason for mine.

I sat on that beach with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and wind whipping through my hair watching Adam watch Catie come down the aisle and thanking God for the gifts He gives us. For the gift Adam and Catie are to each other, for the gift of marriage and that special relationship that was created just for us, for the gift Adam's mom was and is to her family, and for the gift that Adam is to me.

During the ceremony the pastor read a devotional the couple had picked out. It was about how God doesn't always explain everything in our lives when events happen, but how that's okay, that's how it's meant to be, and that's what trusting God means. Adam likes knowing why things happen. He likes knowing why they happen before they happen. God designed him that way, designed him to be an artist who wants to know the deeper meaning behind everything, designed him to question. The awesome part is God can handle it, our desire to understand. Because when you dig deeper and look for greater meaning in things -- you'll find your answers in Jesus.

At the end of the wedding all the guest came up around the couple and laid hands on them and prayed for them. I love prayer like that, I love when everyone gathers for one purpose and focuses all their love on that purpose. What better way to start a marriage when you know there's such power in prayer?

photo by erin jean photography.


Okay, ignore the serious closeness you're currently experience with my pores, and focus on what direct sunlight does to eyes. With no editing. Photography goal : always get light in my subject's eyes!


Thursday meant a trip to the lakes. And a trip to the lakes means skiing. Which invariably means a sore body the next day. But it's such a good sore.



They're best friends. We took pictures.