Lady Antebellum put out a new CD on Monday! Just in time for me to have some new tunes for second semester. Which is turning out to be a life saver, because I have an hour and a half break twice on Tuesdays and Thursdays during which I haven't had much to do yet without homework. I'm sure that'll change later in the semester, but meanwhile I'm thankful for my iPod and the entertainment it provides. I'm really really loving the internet feature, so great to be able to check things out online without having to lug my laptop around with me all the time.

But back to Lady A. I love these guys. They're soulful country and so, so good. Favorite songs on their new cd:

American Honey :: a song about growing up "on the side of the road, where the church bells ring and strong love grows", and all the things that life brings when you grow up in a small town and wanting more than that small town. All the changes when you move from the slow paced world to a city, and how a lot of people miss the simplicity of a small town and wind up back there.

Something 'Bout a Woman :: typical country song about the guy loving every little thing about the girl. When she's wearing pajamas when no makeup on. But really, does that ever get old? It's sweet, and the harmonies are super tight.

If I Knew Then :: kind of about how not knowing everything is a good thing. Goes back over a relationship and all the possible mistakes they made, but wondering if they were mistakes or if it was supposed to happen that way. "If I knew then what I know now would I fall in love?" -- sometimes not knowing what you're doing is what makes things fall into place the way they're supposed to.

Also, fun tidbit. This is an exceptionally tall group. Charles Kelley is the tallest at 6'6", Hillary Scott is in the 6'1" range plus heels, and then Dave Haywood is a normally tall guy, around 6'2", 6'3". Poor guy looks like a shrimp compared to Hillary and Charles though!



Have you ever tasted a blonde oreo? Tell me, HAVE YOU?

If not, you need to stop reading right now and go to the grocery store and buy yourself some blonde oreos. I think the proper name is "golden", but let me tell you, these morsels are utter satisfaction. My roommate's boyfriend introduced me to them today and I am blissful.

Granted, that could be because I've been depriving myself from sweets. But, you know, I have a pretty advanced sweet palate. I don't think it could be ruined after a brief retreat from sweets. I feel as though I'm still certified to recommend such delicacies.

So go try some. Today.


Today I went job shopping.

I was looking for something to support my Townline income, mostly just for Mondays and Wednesdays during the day.

And I am now a Jimmy John's employee.

It was the first place I stopped, and when the guy handed me the application I knocked over the gift cards and splayed them all out over the floor. Ten seconds later the guy asked me if I'd like to come back at three for an interview.

Well, sure. If you want the klutz, I'll be back.

So I went back at three and answered questions about my strengths and weaknesses and why I wanted to work at Jimmy John's(the amazing marketing, the yummy food). And when we were done talking my new boss said he'd see me on Monday for orientation.

Happiness! I get to work at Jimmy John's!



When I grow up, I want to win a life time's supply of Anthropologie clothing. I am in love with this skirt.


And so it begins, yet another semester of school.

Last semester I was really blessed. I despised accounting more than I know how to put into words, but I had three classes with teachers who quickly became three of my favorites, and liked the last class I had.

This semester...oh boy. Lots of financial math stuff. And more accounting. My only hope is my advertising class, that was cancelled today. On the first day. For good reason I'm sure, but I was hoping I'd get to go to that class and discover what a light at the end of the tunnel it would be for me. At least, I sure hope it will be, or this is going to be one rough semester.



Every year for Christmas my aunt/godmother always gets me a little something. I've been out of being "one of the kids" and a part of the gift exchange where we pick names between the adults for a few years now, but she still always finds something to get me. So this year it was blank cds because when I shoot pictures of her kids I always give her the images on a cd, so she figured she could help refill my stash.
The one thing that's always in the box or bag that she wraps my gifts in is chapstick. Melaluca chapstick, the best chapstick in the whole wide world. It's the only thing that cures my lips from the wintertime dryness that strikes every year, and she always gets me just enough tubes so that I'm just running out by Christmas. It's always one of my favorite gifts.
This year I got a new scent too, sugar and spice, so yummy!



"I know how I can stray,
and how fast my heart could change.
Empty me of this selfishness inside,
every vain ambitition and the poison of my pride.
And every foolish things my heart holds to,
Lord empty me of me so I can be filled with You."
--Empty Me, Chris Sligh

A while ago I sang this song in church...and it makes me happy. But before it makes me happy, it breaks me down. It's what all the Jesus songs that I love do. They point out exactly what I'm doing wrong -- but because they do, and by the grace of God, I am able to change that. I'm able to fix it. Often times only temporarily until God points out once again how quickly I can rely on myself instead of Him, but slowly, I am learning.

I'm a girl who likes to plan. I have plans for my life, and when something changes those plans, I am not happy. I forget all about things happening because God wants them to, and I get swept up in MY plans for MY life...and even though I know without a doubt that God's plans are better, I'm angry that my plans are being changed.

It's ridiculous. It's like having a flashlight in a pitch black cave and choosing not to turn it on because I think I'm better off without it.

It's also why this song make me happy. Because when I'm relying on myself, I feel lost. But when I remember that I shouldn't be, that I should be letting go of all the things I let get inbetween me and God, and I make Him number one in my life again? Things are so much easier.

So I'm presenting this as a challenge, to me and to you. Go read those words again. What's getting in between you and God? Your pride? Your selfishness? Thinking that you know where your life should go and what you should be doing in every decision better than He does? Someone or something else? Whatever it is...just let it go. There's no way it can possibly be better than what God has created you specifically for.


Okay. I can't really cook. Well. Maybe the more accurate thing to say is I don't really cook. I'm capable. When I try things taste generally good and don't make anyone throw up afterwards. But I don't generally have a ton of time to cook or anyone to cook for beside myself. And I'd just as soon make some mac and cheese as anything more interesting than that when I'm the only one eating it.

But, I'm trying to eat super healthy due to the next few months having lots of look-my-best occasions. When I eat super healthy I wind up eating a lot of the same things over and over again and that gets hopelessly boring quite quickly. And Glamour has all these yummy recipes online that actually don't make that many servings. For instance, a mushroom stroganoff. I am a mushroom addict.

So, I've decided that I'm going to make this tomorrow. And yesterday I went shopping for the ingredients. Instead of going to WalMart like I always do I decided to find a grocery store closer to my townhouse because I just needed food, instead of needing other random things that make WalMart a more logical choice. There's a grocery store right down the road, but it's pretty shady and I don't really like going there, so I decided to check out the Copps that I knew the general location of but had never been to before.

Oh am I ever glad I did. The front on the outside is all natural stone and the inside is tile and warm paint tones and softer lighting. It's new and shiny and clean. I LOVE it. I am seriously excited to go grocery shopping again just so I can go to the pretty grocery store that has all the same things as WalMart.

This is why I love marketing. It's the packaging, the presentation. Well, and a lot more than that. But a big part is how things are displayed and how that can influence the customer. The customer service wasn't really any better at Copps than at WalMart. The guy at the meat counter didn't even hardly smile at me. But there was pretty tile on the wall behind him. And washed stone on the ground underneath my feet. And that made the whole experience better.

I cannot WAIT for school to start again. I need brain food.



Look! New! Check it out! Super fancy video of Adam LeSage Photography's Best of 2009 Wedding Images. On the top of my blog. Click on the play button. Listen to the pretty song. Look at Adam's amazing images. I think five of them I took. Eee! How cool! Next year, fifteen will be my images. Haha. Maybe more if I get reeeeally good. But seriously, I'm so thankful to be working with someone who's so good and constantly striving to be better. I couldn't ask for anything more!


I've been bad. I'm aware. The problem is when I'm not in school I really do lead a boring life. And I haven't been making much of an effort to stimulate my brain with other things because I've really been enjoying my break. And all my six Christmases with my families. And I got a cold and spent time enjoying my sleep. But today I've started brain stimulation today. So I'm planning on getting back into the groove of writing. And hopefully it'll be interesting.

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I am not a person who gets all excited about New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. I'm just not.

I woke up this morning in 2010 and was like, oh look. It's tomorrow. Okay, moving on with my day. I didn't have a big reflect back moment on the ups and downs of my 2009, and I didn't spend a long moment thinking about what I'm going to do this year.

I did, however, have a very brief moment where I was like, hey. Wait a second. I GRADUATE this year.

Okay, now that is something to look forward to in 2010.