Okay. I can't really cook. Well. Maybe the more accurate thing to say is I don't really cook. I'm capable. When I try things taste generally good and don't make anyone throw up afterwards. But I don't generally have a ton of time to cook or anyone to cook for beside myself. And I'd just as soon make some mac and cheese as anything more interesting than that when I'm the only one eating it.

But, I'm trying to eat super healthy due to the next few months having lots of look-my-best occasions. When I eat super healthy I wind up eating a lot of the same things over and over again and that gets hopelessly boring quite quickly. And Glamour has all these yummy recipes online that actually don't make that many servings. For instance, a mushroom stroganoff. I am a mushroom addict.

So, I've decided that I'm going to make this tomorrow. And yesterday I went shopping for the ingredients. Instead of going to WalMart like I always do I decided to find a grocery store closer to my townhouse because I just needed food, instead of needing other random things that make WalMart a more logical choice. There's a grocery store right down the road, but it's pretty shady and I don't really like going there, so I decided to check out the Copps that I knew the general location of but had never been to before.

Oh am I ever glad I did. The front on the outside is all natural stone and the inside is tile and warm paint tones and softer lighting. It's new and shiny and clean. I LOVE it. I am seriously excited to go grocery shopping again just so I can go to the pretty grocery store that has all the same things as WalMart.

This is why I love marketing. It's the packaging, the presentation. Well, and a lot more than that. But a big part is how things are displayed and how that can influence the customer. The customer service wasn't really any better at Copps than at WalMart. The guy at the meat counter didn't even hardly smile at me. But there was pretty tile on the wall behind him. And washed stone on the ground underneath my feet. And that made the whole experience better.

I cannot WAIT for school to start again. I need brain food.

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