Every year for Christmas my aunt/godmother always gets me a little something. I've been out of being "one of the kids" and a part of the gift exchange where we pick names between the adults for a few years now, but she still always finds something to get me. So this year it was blank cds because when I shoot pictures of her kids I always give her the images on a cd, so she figured she could help refill my stash.
The one thing that's always in the box or bag that she wraps my gifts in is chapstick. Melaluca chapstick, the best chapstick in the whole wide world. It's the only thing that cures my lips from the wintertime dryness that strikes every year, and she always gets me just enough tubes so that I'm just running out by Christmas. It's always one of my favorite gifts.
This year I got a new scent too, sugar and spice, so yummy!

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