Written on the plane on the way to Jamaica.

Planes make me want to write. I think it's because I do all sorts of things that involve very very small amounts of brain power on days with lots of traveling, and I'm trapped in a seat and can't move to exercise -- so I write. It uses my brain and at least lets me move my hand.

Sometimes on planes I write out these great realizations about my life. Possibly because I finally have time to think and give my brain a break from usual work and school stuff because I'm going on vacation.

However, the only realization I've come to on this trip is that I actually can eat a banana. I've never been able to. Seriously. Banana bread I love -- banana nut muffins -- ohhhh yummy. But every time I tried to eat just a plain banana I'd gag. Wasn't going to happen. And yes, I am aware of the many, many innuendos that could be attached to my banana issue. Trust me, my friends have covered them all.

But today, I ate one. We got one with out breakfasts on the plane. And I figured I may as well try it, because I was hungry and it was there. So I chopped it up and mixed it in with my cereal, and it was yummy.

So this trip, my profound realization is that bananas are actually good.

You know what this means, right? Next up -- banana walnut cupcakes. Yes please!


I think I'm preppy at heart. Casual, but slightly preppy. I love everything by Ralph Lauren, in particular the Rugby line they're currently promoting. I got this email and stared at the screen for a minute drooling. One day I will have an adorable dress like that!



This is where the reception was after they got married. Champagne and a cake. Hello paradise.


So, there was a cactus. Well, more than one. But I wasn't expecting there to be any in Jamaica.


Hello Jamaican bathroom. Windows and a bench in the shower. And no curtain.



I am leaving. Jet plane and all. Headed to warmer weather and what's bound to be a beautiful wedding. See you all later!


Post-it notes are a brilliant invention. And, they were created because 3M gave their employees creative freedom. Time each week to work on random ideas. How cool!



Pretty Jenah and her puppy Nora. I took pictures of Jenah's family today with their dog, but we also snapped a few of Jenah with little Nora. Aw. Nora likes people. And licking.


I have a thing for little note cards. I buy them all the time whether or not I need them just so I can have some on hand if I feel the need to send someone a note. This one was part of a super on sale pack at Target. Adorable.


This little holder was five dollars from Urban Outfitters last year. I'm quickly acquiring too many rings for it to hold.



This Sunday, these hearts are things I love and these parts are things I'm happy to part with.


It seriously might be my favorite show. Glee or Bones, two that aren't even comparable. It's happy. They sing pretty. It brings me back to high school and makes me loooooove it.
Waffles with yogurt:
Yummy new breakfast food I discovered. I'm just a little bit in love with all different kinds of Special K, but when I was little I loved Eggo waffles. So I'm channeling back to my younger days and trying whole wheat waffles with vanilla yogurt and berries instead of regular waffles slathered with butter. Not quite as good as the original, but still so, so good.
Martha Stewart online:
Do you KNOW how many recipes this woman has on her website?! I cannot wait to try some of them out!
Spring dresses:
Oh how I love them! My legs can breathe and see the sun and I feel girly and cute and like I'm doing something more exciting than just going to school. I love them.


Getting ready to go on vacation. I love the vacation, but goodness is there a lot of prep beforehand. Finishing homework early, taking a quiz early, photoshopping like crazy to get images to people early so they're not late...plus making sure not to skip a workout because of the beach I'm about to be on. Very time consuming, but it'll be so worth it!



Pretty pretty Lauren and Carrie. They came with their brother to get some sibling pictures for their mom for Mother's Day. I think she'll love the ones we took!



I love yellow. And I love pineapple.


Braids are one of the easiest, most youthful ways to get your hair out of your face. They make me feel cutesy.


I am a horrible person. Well, not really, but this next sentence is going to sure make me seem like it. I passed a girl crying on the phone today in the hall, and I walked away smiling. Not because she was crying, but because she was saying, "Hey Mom, it's me, call me back when you get a chance...". And it made me happy, because how great are moms? That you get to call them all the time whenever something upsets you and know that they're going to call you back and make you feel better. Not that they'll make the situation better, but that you'll be comforted by talking to them.

I'm feeling sentimental today. Must be Mother's Day coming up.



Lines intrigue me.


I was lying under a bush to get this picture. In my front yard, just lying there with my camera up to my face. The neighbor kid whispered to his friend, "What is she dooooing?!" His whisper is like a shout.


I fall in love with everything from that store. I love these soft, romantic details.



I've decided some Sundays are just going to be all hearts. Because some days there's just nothing I want to part with.

1- Big Bang Theory. Every Sunday, my family has made a tradition of the three of us squeezing into my parents bed for a few episodes of Big Bang Theory. I love the characters and the geekiness. It's a perfect little time for some laughter.
2- Emily Deschanel and Michaela Conlin. They're best friends on the tv show Bones, and I found out via my Glamour issue this month that they're best friends in real life too. That makes me happy.
3- Weddings. First one of the season this weekend! I'm so happy they're starting up again because I love everything about them, and I'm so excited for this season. It's going to be incredible!
4- Side buns. Hello fabulous. Takes like 2 minutes to do, keeps your hair out of the way and lasts all day. I wore one to shoot on Friday, and then on Sunday I wore it to church and then put a baseball hat on with it for the afternoon. Super versitale.
5- My Grandpa Jack. It was his birthday on Saturday! My mom made him a butterscotch pie because they're his favorite. And they require 45 minutes of stirring so he only gets one on his birthday. Haha. He's a fun fun man who I love, and I'm happy I got to spend the day with him on Sunday celebrating his birthday and two of my cousin's birthdays.


I love this place. It's my grandparent's house, and this is the view from their front porch. Nearly every day in the summer when I was little, after my mom got home from work, we'd drive five minutes to their house and I'd swim for an hour while my mom soaked up some sun. Some days I wish my life was that relaxing again!


I don't have a coffee maker at home, so when I stay in a hotel it's practically mandatory for me to use the cool little one cup coffee maker for myself the next morning.


I love staying in hotels!



I'm a bit behind with the photo of the day. Not with shooting, I still get one in each day, but with the actual posting I'm a bit behind.

Nevertheless, two days ago, it snowed. Last week I was photographing my swimsuit in lieu of the 70 degree weather. And two days ago, all the beautiful green green grass got covered by a thin layer of snow. Crazy, I'm telling you, just crazy.



I am kitchen obsessed. I know, for sure, that my eventual kitchen will be bright. Well lit and bright. That I think is about the only thing I know now.

image found on rockstar diaries.


Design*sponge seriously has some of the best remodeling images ever. I love the afters of this kitchen. Enough to possibly change my mind about my plans for a navy and white kitchen. I really enjoy these wood counters and the lighting, but, most importantly, I love that the yellow KitchenAid mixer looks perfect on the counter!



This site is fabulous! It's a site set up for seniors to look at before their senior pictures to check out style trends. The photography is awesome and it's so up to date. I love it!


Today was an incredible, incredible day in blog world. I'm going to post three seperate posts about it, but first off, the most exciting. Because it's so exciting I can't even make myself wait unti last!

ADAM GOT PUBLISHED!! Yesterday I spent the day submitting Jilane and CJ's wedding to different blogs, and today it was published on Ruffled. Which happens to be Jilane's favorite blog.
I was so excited. Jilane and CJ had a beautiful wedding and Adam did an amazing job capturing it, I'm so happy for all of them. :)
P.S. -- click on the image to see the posts!



I love the sound of rain on my windows.



Yeah, I like magazines a little...


I don't like ham much. For Easter, my family had a beef roast with potatoes and carrots and homemade rolls with gravy. Oh yes please.



This Easter, these hearts are things I'm currently loving, and these parts are things I'm happy to part with any time now.

- blogs. Oh how I love them! I seriously look at them every day. They're full of inspiration visually, and lately these two (Promise Tangeman and Sarah Rhoads) have been inspiring with their words as well.
- cool button board. I want to make one! Where does a person buy buttons like that anyway? On facebook they have that virtual button board and I want a real one with all real buttons on it now. How cool and a way to show all sorts of things you love!
- Bones. Soooo glad the three nights in a row of American Idol are over, because it means Bones is back on! The previews showed all sorts of hints about what lies ahead for the characters, I can't wait to see how it unfolds!
- Easter. We don't do eggs for Easter. I think I've dyed them once in my whole life. No thank you. Instead, I'll make cupcakes. With big flowers on them! But, what's important...thanks Jesus, for dying for me.
- iced coffee. I love it now that it's warm out! For some reason the same exact ingredients taste altogether different when they're cold.

- tuna. Yeyyyy! Now that lent is over, people will stop their ridiculous obsession with #3s and #15s at Jimmy Johns...our tuna sandwiches. Which means there will be less squeezing of tuna and smelling that strong tuna smell when I walk into work. This brings me great joy!



I got a mixer for my birthday! Which is in July. But because of excessive saleage Mom got it this month. It's yellow, and beautiful, and will be a permanant fixture on the counter of my eventual home that will have a beautiful deep navy blue and white kitchen. Yes, I have the design of my future kitchen planned out. No poking fun.


I ordered this book from the Boudoir Divas and I'm sooo excited!! I've got boudoir shoots coming up and I can't wait to use what I'm learning in this posebook to help my ladies feel beautiful!


I love how nice it's been outside! Skirts all week. With no leggings. Such a great feeling.



If I had a cool old thermometer outside my home I would've taken a picture of that to capture this record-breaking day, but since I don't, I took a picture of my new swimsuit for JAMAICA, because it conveys the same kind of warmth.