This Easter, these hearts are things I'm currently loving, and these parts are things I'm happy to part with any time now.

- blogs. Oh how I love them! I seriously look at them every day. They're full of inspiration visually, and lately these two (Promise Tangeman and Sarah Rhoads) have been inspiring with their words as well.
- cool button board. I want to make one! Where does a person buy buttons like that anyway? On facebook they have that virtual button board and I want a real one with all real buttons on it now. How cool and a way to show all sorts of things you love!
- Bones. Soooo glad the three nights in a row of American Idol are over, because it means Bones is back on! The previews showed all sorts of hints about what lies ahead for the characters, I can't wait to see how it unfolds!
- Easter. We don't do eggs for Easter. I think I've dyed them once in my whole life. No thank you. Instead, I'll make cupcakes. With big flowers on them! But, what's important...thanks Jesus, for dying for me.
- iced coffee. I love it now that it's warm out! For some reason the same exact ingredients taste altogether different when they're cold.

- tuna. Yeyyyy! Now that lent is over, people will stop their ridiculous obsession with #3s and #15s at Jimmy Johns...our tuna sandwiches. Which means there will be less squeezing of tuna and smelling that strong tuna smell when I walk into work. This brings me great joy!

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