This Sunday, these hearts are things I love and these parts are things I'm happy to part with.


It seriously might be my favorite show. Glee or Bones, two that aren't even comparable. It's happy. They sing pretty. It brings me back to high school and makes me loooooove it.
Waffles with yogurt:
Yummy new breakfast food I discovered. I'm just a little bit in love with all different kinds of Special K, but when I was little I loved Eggo waffles. So I'm channeling back to my younger days and trying whole wheat waffles with vanilla yogurt and berries instead of regular waffles slathered with butter. Not quite as good as the original, but still so, so good.
Martha Stewart online:
Do you KNOW how many recipes this woman has on her website?! I cannot wait to try some of them out!
Spring dresses:
Oh how I love them! My legs can breathe and see the sun and I feel girly and cute and like I'm doing something more exciting than just going to school. I love them.


Getting ready to go on vacation. I love the vacation, but goodness is there a lot of prep beforehand. Finishing homework early, taking a quiz early, photoshopping like crazy to get images to people early so they're not late...plus making sure not to skip a workout because of the beach I'm about to be on. Very time consuming, but it'll be so worth it!

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