Written on the plane on the way to Jamaica.

Planes make me want to write. I think it's because I do all sorts of things that involve very very small amounts of brain power on days with lots of traveling, and I'm trapped in a seat and can't move to exercise -- so I write. It uses my brain and at least lets me move my hand.

Sometimes on planes I write out these great realizations about my life. Possibly because I finally have time to think and give my brain a break from usual work and school stuff because I'm going on vacation.

However, the only realization I've come to on this trip is that I actually can eat a banana. I've never been able to. Seriously. Banana bread I love -- banana nut muffins -- ohhhh yummy. But every time I tried to eat just a plain banana I'd gag. Wasn't going to happen. And yes, I am aware of the many, many innuendos that could be attached to my banana issue. Trust me, my friends have covered them all.

But today, I ate one. We got one with out breakfasts on the plane. And I figured I may as well try it, because I was hungry and it was there. So I chopped it up and mixed it in with my cereal, and it was yummy.

So this trip, my profound realization is that bananas are actually good.

You know what this means, right? Next up -- banana walnut cupcakes. Yes please!

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