1- Tina and Emily. Friends like them that I can have a girly night of laughter with – and who are also willing to model for a completely styled shoot and help make my vision come to life, teaching me so much about photography and what I love.
2- Joe. It was my stepdaddy’s birthday this Monday. He had a stressful day at work. I woke up to a phone call asking me to go on deliveries. This never happens – that’s how overwhelmed he was. But Mom made him a chocolate peanut butter pie, and I think his day got better.
3- Memphis. I saw this musical in NYC and bought the soundtrack when I got home. It’s a powerful musical about the challenges and horrors of segregation and how having something to be passionate about can change your life. “like and sad old melody, tears you up but sets you free…” – lyrics that give me a shiver up my spine and make me wish I could write like that!
4- Birthday coupons! I got a bunch in the mail this week, and they’re the best. A free $10 – without having to buy a certain amount to get it off.
5- Fireworks. Joy in explosion form. Pure happiness.

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