One year ago, on July 2nd, Adam lost his mom. This year, on July 2nd, he got married. On a beach, to the love of his life. And I cried.

They had a wedding party full of their family, a mass assortment of friends to make the day beautiful, and a tribute to Adam's mom that was the reason for my tears. More directly, it was the reason for Adam's tears, which then were the reason for mine.

I sat on that beach with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and wind whipping through my hair watching Adam watch Catie come down the aisle and thanking God for the gifts He gives us. For the gift Adam and Catie are to each other, for the gift of marriage and that special relationship that was created just for us, for the gift Adam's mom was and is to her family, and for the gift that Adam is to me.

During the ceremony the pastor read a devotional the couple had picked out. It was about how God doesn't always explain everything in our lives when events happen, but how that's okay, that's how it's meant to be, and that's what trusting God means. Adam likes knowing why things happen. He likes knowing why they happen before they happen. God designed him that way, designed him to be an artist who wants to know the deeper meaning behind everything, designed him to question. The awesome part is God can handle it, our desire to understand. Because when you dig deeper and look for greater meaning in things -- you'll find your answers in Jesus.

At the end of the wedding all the guest came up around the couple and laid hands on them and prayed for them. I love prayer like that, I love when everyone gathers for one purpose and focuses all their love on that purpose. What better way to start a marriage when you know there's such power in prayer?

photo by erin jean photography.

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