On campus we have a building called Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. It's made of light colored brick with all white walls and ceilings. Almost all the rooms include large windows. The common area in that building is ceiling to floor windows, two stories high, that opens to a gorgeous garden area with a waterfall and lots of ivy and vines. And on the inside there's brick along the far wall and tile covering the floors.

It's built the way it is to be energy efficient. It was a goal of the campus to make that building when they built it to make it as energy efficient as possible, and they did a pretty good job.

The things that make it energy efficient also happen to make it a photographer's dream. There is natural light EVERYWHERE, and surfaces for it to bounce off of. It's beautiful and clean and I love it.

When I get to the point of owning my own studio, I'd really love to build an energy efficient one. That's important to me now in a way that it never would have been before I took my Energy and Society class last semester. But really, fossil fuels are going to run out. And before they do, they are going to become expensive. Sure, one energy efficient photography studio isn't going to make that much of a difference. But it's not going to hurt things either. And it's something I could be proud of, and there are things I could do with literally no extra cost. How amazing and simple is that?

I can't wait til I'm to the point where I can do those things in my life.

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