Today I got to work early for breakfast before my shift and consequently wound up watching the end of Tiger's speech and some of the ESPN jabber afterwards. My coworkers and I were discussing it and I was amazed to find that many of them didn't think the fact that Tiger cheated was that big of a deal. One of them said that at least 75% of species don't mate for life, so why should we? Why is it expected that people should getting married and not cheat, why only have sex with one person for the rest of your life? We're animals, we can't help it and it's not a big deal, because so many people cheat. What's most disturbing is he's a married man.

True. Most species don't mate for life. But those are the species who eat their own feces, not the ones who make a promise in front of everyone who matters in their life and God to stay true to one person. We're called to a higher standard. We're given the power to make those choices -- we're given the ability to make PROMISES. And it's not something we're meant to take lightly.

I hate how the world places such a low value on marriage. One of my professors freshmen year said that marriage is nothing more than a business contract -- and she's also a married woman. That's not what marriage was created to be, that's not all marriage is supposed to be, and that's not how the marriages I see every day are.

Are there more marriages that are crumbling than growing stronger? Maybe. But it's a choice, on the part of both people in the marriage. A choice each day. And the people in the marriages that are victorious? Their choice every morning is to love the one they're with. To love them, to cherish them, and to be true to them.

That's a choice I think is so incredible to have the opportunity to make.

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