For Christmas every year my grandma tends to get me an assortment of gift cards that serve me well as a college kid. There's usually one for a food place(Atlanta Bread Co., Fazoli's, Culver's), one for a bookstore, sometimes a coffee place. This year I got one for Stein's.

Have you ever been in that store?! I hadn't. It rocks. It's unique bits of decor and lots of things you can put together yourself. It's craftsy. I LOVE IT.
I wandered around the store for a while, finding all sorts of pieces that I loved and being delighted to find that none of them were very expensive. I would up getting a $2.50 print and a vase that I filled with fake $1.00 flowers. My total came out to $0.03 less than what my gift card was for.
Here's two pictures of the elements that I got, I don't like how they're all assorted together yet, so I didn't take a picture of it as a whole. Still deciding. So fun!

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