Last night was such a fantastic night at work. I was bummed at first because it started out so slow, and even made a comment about how I missed having nights where I ran my rear off all night. I love busy nights like that. And about an hour after I made that comment, people started flooding in. It was so fun! I had a group of 5 guys in their thirties and forties who were hilarious. They harassed me all night, but all in good fun, and if having a entertaining table like that wasn't good enough, they left me a more than generous tip, and told me they'd be requesting me next week.

That's what I love most about waitressing, being able to joke around with people and build relationships with people who choose to come back each week because they enjoy the service. There's no greater compliment than return customers.


Another reason I'm continuing to love my bike rides...saw a man driving a big white van today for some maintenence company with a Buzz Lightyear toy strapped to the front. So, so funny. I started laughing out loud when I saw it and caught the driver's eye, he laughed right along with me. I'm sure he gets that a lot.


Today I am wearing a cute flirty little sundress that I got for a meer $17 at Forever 21 and enjoying the warm weather. I think I'll take a chair out in the sun and read for a while. Too nice to stay inside!

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