I'm coming to really enjoy my bike rides.

Sure, I moan about them while I'm eating breakfast slowly to procrastinate going out, but once I get going, I'm happy. I love what I see along the way. And I made a couple new playlists on my iPod that are full of summer music that I love.

Today while I was biking I decided I have to carry my little coolpix camera with me at all times. I took a different route than I normally do...well, I took a left instead of a right on the road I always bike down. It's got a nice little biking lane so I don't have to feel like someone may or may not clobber me as they drive by, and it's right along the water. Plus, most of the houses along that way are adorable.

Anyway, I took a left. And to the left, there's geese. A lot of them. I didn't know this. But I saw three old men walking down a path with five baby geese running in front of them. *click* I saw a truck stop for two geese to cross the road. *click* I saw the third goose who didn't get across the road with his friends anxiously dance on the other side until he started running and then flying across to catch up. *click*.

However, I may never get a workout if I start taking my camera along with me biking...there's too many photo opportunities I'd be stopping for!

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