Aren't they beauuuutiful?!

Yes, I know they're not straight. Yes, I know you can still see some of the color of the frame before spray painting occurred. Yes, I know there's an extra nail in the wall. No, I absolutely do not care and I love them! The extra nail was an oops by my stepdad, who very patiently hung all 17 frames for me. I decided to leave the nail there, though, and just purchase another 3 1/2 by 5 frame, because I have issues with the number 7 and would rather it be 18, a nice, even number. No, I'm not OCD. Just sometimes, about certain things, happen to have little twinges of OCDness.
Anyway, I might change a few pictures yet. I don't have a single one of my best friend, and I feel like it might be a little bit of a criminal act to leave her out. Plus, she might feel a smidgen of jealousy, since her exceptionally attractive brother, who happens to be my boyfriend, appears twice in my happy little mess of frames. My mind thinks this, even though she would never ever get jealous about something like that. I just don't want the possibility of her getting jealous, if she were the type to get jealous about silly things like that, to be there. Everything has to be fair in my head.
Granted, she does have a whole 8x8 Creative Memories frame that's backed with magnetic stuff dedicated to her, containing movie stubs that we saw together, Mardi Gras beads that I don't even remember where we got together, a poem she wrote me about the silly things we do together for my birthday last year, and a film strip template I made in photoshop with five pictures of us from a wedding. It's practically a little shrine dedicated to her. So, if I'm that obsessive with her, maybe it's fair that her brother has two pictures on my wall.
Ooookay...I think I might overthink things a little sometimes...

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