Today is a bittersweet day. A good friend of mine recently got a great new job...only it's two hours away, and in a matter of three days he's picked up and moved himself there. His constant presence will be missed. Tonight I'm attending a going away party for another friend who's transferring to a different college better suited for her major. Both of them are making changes that are great for them, but it's sad to see them go.

On the bright side of things, this weather is fantastic! I'm wearing white shorts and my new super cute gladiator sandals, and I smell like coconut lime. I feel so summery!

Also, the party tonight is at Buffalo Wild Wings. If you haven't been there, just go. Right now. Grab a group of friends and go buy yourself some Thursday night cheap boneless chicken wings covered in a sauce of your choice. They have plenty of options, and I usually want like six different kinds. You'll find one you love!

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