Saturday night I went to my first ever bachelorette party. We all went out to eat Olive Garden and it was one of those moments where I suddenly felt grown up, sitting at a table of beautiful girls, some married, some not, and talking about what our bachelorette would love most about finally being married to the man of her dreams. They've been engaged for 11 months, which isn't that long these days, but seems like a lifetime to them. After dinner we moved on to Victoria's Secret to get our bachelorette all ready for her honeymoon. It was so fun picking out things for her to try on and seeing her just glowing with excitement and laughing at some of the more ridiculous ensembles we threw over the dressing room door.

I'm photographing her wedding this May, which is special to me not just because they're my friends, but also because they're the first couple I ever took pictures of. When you're a college kid learning about photography you tend to ask your friends to model for you, and these two were perfect. They're so clearly crazy about one another!

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