I want a Brewers tshirt.

I like baseball, but it's really more liking the all-American feel of being at a baseball game eating a hot dog and cheering for the home team. And maybe singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Or liking to watch a game while I'm waitressing. Something about serving beer and wings to a group of guys yelling at the screen gets me interested in what's going on on that screen.
The problem with wanting a Brewers shirt is that last year they had these great shirts with the cute MB baseball glove graphic(above), all light blue and summery and cheery. This year, though, they've gone and made everything in the local stores all grown up and serious. It's all navy and gold and scrolly(below). Hello. Baseball isn't grown up and serious. It's lighthearted and fun. You spit sunflower seeds everywhere. That's not a sport that requires a scrolly font.
I'm considering buying my own plain tshirt and printing out a happy graphic and painting it on my shirt myself. Unfortunately, I'm pretty awful when it comes to painting things accurately, even when I'm copying directly. Pathetic, I know.

Anyway, I would love a Brewers shirt to potentially wear to a Brewers game this summer. Or to wear to a cookout, and eat my hot dog there.

Plus...if the Brewers are playing during our shift at work, we can wear a shirt supporting them instead of our usual work shirts. A little variety is always nice!

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