I am addicted to the internet. Which might be a problem, considering I'm still mooching off of my neighbor's internet, and despite my less than warm and fuzzy feelings towards this particular neighbor, I do feel bad.

I just can't help myself though. I love blogs. I like reading about other people's lives. Especially the ones who write really well. They're entertaining, and you get to know them even though they have no idea who you are. It's like a legal form of stalking.

These blogs have also led me to find something else I like to do on the internet. Shop. Maybe this comes from my obsession with mail. Since I don't often get mail myself I subconsciously choose to buy things online so they have to be sent to me and I can recieve something in the mail. I think it more has to do with the fact that I live in a generally small city, and I don't have access to nearly as many stores as I'd like to, and the internet broadens my horizons greatly. I love browsing just as much as I love shopping, just looking at all the pretty dresses or jewelry or decor. It's exciting to see things outside of what I usually see in stores.

I'm also addicted to the internet for a few main websites.

a) facebook :: Yeah, it's an addiction. I spend far more time on that website than I should, mostly looking at other people's pictures. But it IS a very useful way to keep in contact with people and keep updated on their lives.

b) my e-mail account :: I have a friend that I e-mail nearly every single day. Even when we see each other, we still tend to e-mail. We have this continual message from December of just tidbits of information we feel the need to tell one another. It's fun.

c) imdb :: Internet Movie Database. Everything you need to know about an actor/actress/movie/tv series. It's brilliant. Did you know Chris Noth(aka Mr. Big from Sex and the City) was from Madison? Crazy!

d) pro4um :: Photography site. Had to pay for it, but oh my goodness, what I have learned is amazing. I browse it pretty much daily for inspiration.

Plus, all my blogs, shopping sites, and just regular photography sites, the professional sites of other photographers either know from random searches or know personally. Really, how I love modern technology.

...until it doesn't work...

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