This picture makes me think of being a little girl and wearing a Sunday dress and totally ignoring my mother and jumping in the puddles and playing and making a mess of myself.

...except that never happened. I so wasn't that kid. I was the well-behaved little child, and the child who didn't like getting her pretty things dirty. Put me in "shed clothes" at my dad's, and I'd walk through mud and scoop dog poo like nothing. But at mom's house, in my pretty clothes, I didn't want to get dirty.
Today, however, all I want to do is put on a springy dress and run around outside and get full of grass and mud and water. Perhaps the stress of finals and being a responsible college student makes me long for simplicity.
Here's some simplicity for you...easy breezy jazz by two talented young people. Meet Grace & Julian. I saw them in Madison last year before a MadHatter's concert, and loved them. Check out their song Raindrops!
Image compliments of Vector Graphic.

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