I moved!

Funny thing happens when you move. Your wireless connection doesn’t necessarily come with you. I thought I was out of commission for a few days, but when I turned on my computer this morning, my computer found someone else’s wireless. I thought everyone around would have security enabled due to the close quarters, but apparently I lucked out.

I absolutely love my new townhouse. It’s so spacious and cozy. Our living room all came together so nicely, the television literally fits perfectly into the entertainment center, maybe a centimeter to spare. And our kitchen is totally homey and exactly my roommate’s style, and she’s the one who loves to cook, so the kitchen should suit her. My room is all bright and sunny. Still don’t have the perfect pillows for my bed, but I do have all my frames up, just missing some pictures because my ACI photo order didn’t come in yet.

All together, my townhouse is perfect. Except for one minor detail, that has to do with that wireless connection. There are very few people in this world that I really would just love if I could go the rest of my life without seeing…and one of them happens to live three doors down. Perfect, just perfect. The name of this person’s wireless connection includes a nickname that proves it could only be them, and I knew they lived in this area, just wasn’t aware of how close we happen to be. However, the enjoyable part about this, is the only reason I can mooch off of said person’s wireless is because I’ve used it before. Security is enabled, but because I’ve used it before and I entered the password once upon a time, I can use it without a problem. Ha! I find that all too enjoyable.

One of my favorite purchases relating to my move is a dock for my iPod. I had one that I got as a gift, an off brand one that wouldn’t charge my iPod while it was docked despite the box’s claim it would do so and made a constant whirring noise while playing my music. I got my new one pretty reasonably, and the sound quality is amazing in comparison. I started dancing to the music when I first heard how excellent it was!

Alright, finishing up my first ever load of laundry in the townhouse! That fact almost makes laundry exciting. Almost.

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