So, that new place I was talking about? I'll have my own room there. And in that room, I'll have a full bed again. My bed from home, that I actually sleep through the whole night in without waking up aching. I'm pretty excited about it.

What I'm even more excited about, though, is what's on that bed. I love my bedspread, got it at Kohl's last year when I decided the one I'd had for around six or so years looked too much like a kiddy bed for my liking. It's a Simply Vera Vera Wang bedspread that's yellow(my favorite color) with poppies all over it.

See the pillows that go with it? I love them too. At the time I got the bedspread though, they were more money than I wanted to be spending on pillows, so I restrained myself. But now...I really really want them.

They're so perfect with the bedspread and would add a little flavor to my relatively boring, white walled room. Everything's going to be white and yellow, with little bits of navy. I would love love love a little orange/coral color splashed in.

Since it seems to be impossible to find these perfect little pillows anymore, I've resigned myself to covering two pillows I have that were on my bed in my dorm room. They're currently brown, but I'll find pretty fabric somewhere and make some covers. That'll have to satisfy me.

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