I did something crazy. For the first time ever.

Well, no. It's not the first time I did something crazy. But it is the first time I did this particular crazy thing. My earlier post may have inspired me.

Last night, before I got out of my car to make a mad dash across campus to get to my apartment in the rain, I text messaged my roommate and asked her if she wanted to go puddle jumping. I was half kidding/half serious...but when I opened the door to our apartment she was standing there saying, "Yeah! I really do!".

So I immediately and involuntarily switched into a giddy mood. You know, those moods where you can't stop smiling and laughing and your whole body is energized and you're focused on whatever crazy thing you're doing with your friends? That kind of mood. We convinced our other roommate to take a study break, she's super serious, but everyone deserves some fun! We all changed super fast into clothes we didn't care about, grabbed a camera, and ran outside jumping and yelling, totally forgetting it was quiet hours, and found the nearest puddle and pounced. Splashing each other and laughing and taking ridiculous pictures. We got mud all over our faces and took some of the most ridiculous pictures I have ever seen.

Here's some of us jumping and making crazy faces while covered in mud.

It was the best way I could ever think of to end my junior year of college. So fun!

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