I think someone should invent a way for scent to travel via the internet. I'm aware that it's basically impossible, but I'm just letting myself feel ignorant to science and pretending that some science geek out there somewhere will be able to make it possible one day.

Can you imagine though? Look at a picture of a beach and smell the ocean in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. Smell autumn leaves any time of the year. Sigh. Not to mention what that kind of technose-logy would do for companies like Bath and Body Works. What they do is all about scent...their online sales would go through the roof!

Personally, I'm loving their Coconut Lime Verbana body cream. Mmm, so smooth and in a perfect summer scent! Also am loving GAP's Rain Check. It's like sweet rain, very springy and fresh. Unfortunately, a girl can only use so many lotions. I'll have to reign in my buying impulses now!

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