I look like four thousand pictures of dandelions yesterday.

I got three 16x20 frames at Walmart for four bucks each. They're simple, cheap wood, painted roughly white with the grain really showing through. I love them. I've decided that I'm putting pictures of dandelions in them, because I kind of love dandelions. And I want to make them seasonal, so dandelions work well for summer. I ordered the second two and the last one and can't wait for them to come in!

Also, other new additions to my room, I now have eight pillows on my bed. I got orange pillow cases for two normal sized pillows that I had from my dorm bed. They add a little more color. I still have to make pillow cases for the two little square pillows I had on my dorm bed...they're cheap brown ones from Walmart, and I've got the fabric, I just don't own a sewing machine, so I have to go visit my grandma and make them. Then I'll have ten pillows! My loving boyfriend picks on me, my pillows take up half my bed. He says it's a good thing I'm short, or I wouldn't fit.
I added an inspiration board to my wall right next to the door. It's just a 16x24 bulletin board, but it is now covered with work by my favorite photographers. There's so much more I wanted to put up there, but I did manage to get a lot of images I love on it. I'm going to sticky tack some of my favorites of my own images up around it, I need to see images that I've taken that make me feel like I'm good at what I'm doing along side of the images I want to be capable of taking, helps keep me motivated while reminding me that I'm not hopeless.

Once my whole room is completely done I'll take some pictures to put up, I promise!

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