So, I started two summer classes yesterday. Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. I thought I was going to be seriously depressed about these classes, comforted only by the thought that I can read for them while relaxing outside in the sun. But here's the thing...

I LOVE THEM. I'm addicted. I check the discussion boards for them like it's facebook. I choose to read my text books before my novels or magazines. I made my patient boyfriend listen to me ramble on and on about one super exciting concept the way he makes me listen to him ramble on about languages. Except I usually like his talk about languages...not sure how he feels about my psychology ramblings. He will probably appreciate them more when we get into Chomsky further...he combines language with psychology. And my teacher emphasized on that and did studies relating to how children learn languages, something that's ridiculously exciting to me.

Oh my, I am such a geek!

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