As usual, my fears were ridiculous. Shooting the wedding with Adam was amazing. He’s so excellent when he’s teaching me things, letting me use his equipment and explaining what it can do and explaining how to use it and then sending me off to play and see what I come up with. He teaches exactly the way I learn, and there was no pressure for whatever I came up with for pictures, so I didn’t have to stress about it and I could just play around and practice on those beautiful people.

The budget difference between this couple and the couples Jilane and I usually shoot was just insane. What people can do with money to make a beautiful wedding…wow. Not that weddings with a budget can’t be beautiful, what makes a wedding beautiful is the love and promise surrounding that day, but the details and the things that make it extra fun to photograph are great bonuses.

Adam dropped me off at the house the groomsmen were getting ready at --- a huge country cottage covered in Pottery Barn products on the water. It was gorgeous. The groom had fallen down the stairs first thing in the morning and ripped his toe open, so when we pulled up they were outside and one of the groomsmen was taping up his profusely bleeding toe. It was a great moment to stumble in on, because it gave immediate insight about the relationships between the groomsmen. These guys loved to pick on each other, but they’d been friends forever and were super close.

The locations we were able to go to between the wedding and the reception just added more beauty to the whole day…on the water, up on a hill in a state park, so pretty!

My favorite part of the day was at the reception. They had hired a jazz band to play. The saxophone player was actually the sax professor at my college, and they were really good just as an instrumental group. But then the singer got up there…hello Frank Sinatra. Obviously not really him, but this guy had a great voice and sang all old ballads, I kind of fell in love with him a little. Nevermind the fact that he was in his sixties. That fact is completely irrelevant as soon as he starts singing.

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