This Saturday is my first wedding with Adam, the photographer I'm interning with this summer.

He does such a good job, and steers away from the traditional unlike so many photographers in our area. I'm really excited to start working with him...but also kind of nervous. I have this problem, where I'm all confident in my abilities...except with some people. Like, with singing, I used to freak out when I had to sing for my choir director. I was always fine with my mom, I was fine with the gym packed for a regional game when I was on the radio, I was always fine with my voice teacher, but when I had to sing for my choir director I'd get nervous. I got better as the years went on and I did a lot of singing in front of her, but every single time my nerves would flare up.

That's how I feel with Adam already. Like I could possibly always be just slightly nervous around him. Which is so dumb, because he really does everything he can to make sure I'm not nervous, but I'm kind of a spazz that way.

Really, though, despite the fact that I am definitely a little nervous, the main emotion is definitely excited. Ridiculously excited. So excited to learn more even though I feel like I'll probably get a little frustrated along the way. And so excited to take pictures. I love wedding work. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of all these special days in people's lives...I mean, seriously. I get to spend the whole day with people who are full of joy and totally in love. It's usually the biggest day of their lives to date, and my job is to capture all the emotions that day holds. My job is to laugh and smile and share in all that joy. How can I not feel so amazingly blessed?

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