I'm reading the most excellent book.

Belong To Me, by Marisa de los Santos. The story involves a quirky, eccentric woman named Cornelia and her husband, who fits with her like a glove. The why she describes their relationship is one of my favorite parts. They've just moved to the suburbs, and their new neighbor, Piper, is the ultimate suburbia housewife. Things like using specific stainless steel cleaner on stainless steel appliances and the way a paper towel feels matter to her, when Cornelia couldn't give a hoot about such things. Cornelia doesn't much care for Piper, but feels for her when she brings over medical records for Teo, Cornelia's husband who happens to be a doctor, to review. The medical records are for a friend of Piper's who's cancer is too advanced for much hope. Cornelia also meets a woman named Lake who also just moved to relocate and give her exceptionally bright son the opportunity to go to an accelerated school, where they place you in a 'grade' by your abilities, not your age.

The book just before this one, Love Walked In, was about Cornelia loving for a little girl who stumbled into her care, and about how she came to realize she was in love with Teo. That one was much more light hearted than this one so far, but both are written so well. The way the author writes Cornelia is so fun and smart. She's a quirky character, that's for sure, but she's brilliant.

If you're looking for a good book, either of Marisa de los Santos's books are wonderful choices.

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