I work in a place that is about 400 sexual harassment claims waiting to happen.

As a whole, we're ridiculous. Single or happily married, innuendos fly around like crazy, everyone's checking everyone else out, there's lots of compliments and butt slapping. However, we've all got this understanding that we're joking. Well, maybe not about feeling someone else is hot, but there's no intentions behind our sexual conversation(though some of the single ones have been known to frequent the bar and then act on those conversations). It's all in good fun, and most of the time nothing becomes of it.

Now, you may be wondering how on earth this fits into something to be thankful for. It'll make sense by the end, I promise.

Mario is who I'm thankful for. He's our lead cook. He's Italian(shocker, I know), balding, and short. Like, really short. I'm 5'4", not a very tall girl, and he's up to about my nose. I don't often talk to Mario, because waitresses spend most of their time up front where the customers are. Last night, however, I was talking to him about some of the new things on our menu.

We have these fantastic new flat bread sandwiches. I'm super excited about them, because I try to only eat the healthy stuff at Townline, and I've kind of exhausted the wraps. They're really good, but more options is always a good thing. So I was talking about how the flat bread sandwiches are pretty healthy, and how that's good since the constant surplus of french fries is a problem for me.

Mario turned around and looked at me and said, "What are you talking about? Look at you, I don't see any problems." Only in an Italian accent, so it sounded cooler.

Now, in my super sexual workplace, this type of comment is not uncommon. But for some reason this particular one made me ridiculously happy and made me feel good about myself. Coming from a guy my father's age who's in love with a great woman his own age. I'm sure Freud would have something to say about that, but I'm just going to take Mario's compliment and the ego boost it gave me and not over analyze myself.


So, thanks God, for blessing me, for now, with Mario, a great cook with a great heart.

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