love songs

At the wedding I was in this past weekend Phil and I were laughing at the love songs. Messed up, I know. We're just not romantic. We so aren't the type who like typical love songs. Most of the time we think they're cheesy. The whole "had me at hello" stuff? Nuh uh. Not even a little. "I live for you and you alone." No. Sorry, there's other things in our lives. We won't parish from the earth without each other. We love each other, really, we do, but our relationship alone doesn't define us as individuals. We'd live if we didn't have the other one. It'd suck for a while, but we'd live. And we'd find happiness. We just don't fit into love songs.

When we were dancing Phil was talking about when we were younger and we both were in the same youth group. He said one of the girls made a comment something like, "all the guys like Kodi". Now, this was definitely not true, and I know this. But my sweet boyfriend has to point it out by saying that his reaction to that girl at the time was, "hmm, well, I'm a guy, and I don't really like Kodi..."

I'm telling you, only my boyfriend would openly admit that he didn't care for me four years ago. And that is why I love him.

...see what I mean about us not being romantic?

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