Phil and I just watched Pride and Prejudice. No, I did not force him. In fact, he sort of chose it. He said he wanted to watch one of my movies, knowing they're all chick flicks. And I threw out some possibilities from this mess of chick flicks, and he picked Pride and Predjudice.

And proceeded to very politely try not to laugh as I sighed with every word that came out of Darcy's mouth. Oh, the language. I've always loved the movie You've Got Mail, and they talk about Pride and Prejudice in that one, and how Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks's characters both get swept up in the language of the book. I do too. Both in the book and the movie. The movie's almost better because then I hear it all with the English accents, and oh the English accents! It makes the witty lines so much better. It's not even just about the old English way it's written, but about what they're really saying. The writing is fantastic.

Both Pride and Predjudice(in book or movie form) and You've Got Mail come highly recommended.

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