Today I made a revolutionary discovery.

Okay. No. Not so revolutionary. More like a tale as old as time, rediscovered in my own life.

So the last two days I haven't felt so hot. Kind of getting a cold, just felt icky, stuck in a bad mood.

On Monday, instead of doing kickboxing, Amanda and I came home and did pilates because we got out of our class early and didn't want to wait around. And Tuesday, when my alarm went off I ignored it and went back to sleep, because I didn't feel good and it was like 40 degrees outside and I figured running in 40 degree weather while I was obtaining a cold probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world.

But today, today I did kickboxing again. And I am HAPPY. Bountifully happy.

Whenever I'm whining about working out, someone please remind me what it does to my mood.

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