Football has started! The real season, the games that count. I love this time of year. Two years ago I couldn't have cared less about football, but now working at Lambeau has drastically changed that. I totally get sucked in. I love all the excitement, and I love the loyalty people have for their team. I'm amused to feel that loyalty growing in me just because I'm around these people who really love their team and the game.

I still don't understand a lot about how the game works. I know the basics, but some of the calls make zero sense to me...and I honestly don't care. I have no desire to understand it more fully, I just love watching. Stacy, my coworker, and I stop and watch just for a few minutes on our way back from lunch every game. Every game, and I still get shivers when we step up to the window in the club seats. It's not even about what happens on the field, but about that scene as a whole, the fans screaming, the players, the coaches, the cheerleaders.

Maybe it's not that way everywhere, but at Lambeau, the support and the excitement is incredible.

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