My good friend Jilane turned 22 early this month, and her whole family was in Disney for the occasion(and for her mother's birthday). Because of that, and both of our busy schedules, just this weekend we got around to celebrating.

We have this crazy fun habit of going to the Showcase of Homes. We like going into all the pretty new houses(new houses smell so good), big and small, and picking them apart to decide what we'd like in our houses one day. This year the houses were full of original ideas. There was one styled after Frank Lloyd Wright, and another embracing some seriously cool art deco. We both wrote down a ridiculous amount of ideas and saw some incredible homes.

In one of the most impressive homes I found something that would drive me nuts. In the master bathroom there were steps leading up to a huge bathtub with a fire place behind it. A shower of tiny glass tiles that covered an space as big as a normal bathroom, with all sorts of different massaging faucets coming at you from all directions. Two sinks, and between them a space to get ready with a mirror. Now, my problem with that area that sounds like perfection is the lighting by that mirror is awful. Awful. You can't see yourself well. The light is more flattering than full on light...but when I get ready, I don't want super flattering light. I want crappy light that exposes all the makeup things I need to get right before I leave my bathroom, because let me tell you, most light is not nearly as flattering as that bathroom had!
Oh, and yes, I am aware that most normal people never think of such things. I'm a loon, I know.

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