I am an epic note taker.

Not the notes I take in class, but little reminders. Written everywhere. In my planner, in my order book at work, in a little pretty note boook I carry around just for that purpose.

My mind doesn't ever seem to stop, that's why I do it. I'll be in church listening to the sermon and hear a verse taht makes me think of what I could do for a senior campaign one year, and I'll have to write it down. Or be in class and think of marketing ideas for Adam. Or at one of his weddings and hear perfect music that I want at my wedding someday and steal a prayer request card to write down the title of the song. My phone even has notes in it, saved text messages to no one, just in there for me.

I'm even writing this blog post down on paper right now, because I'm not by a computer. At least this is more of a complete thought. Some of my notes make no sense to anyone but me. I can just imagine when I die someday and someone has to clean out my stuff, what they'll think of all my random little notes. Oh my, they'll get a good laugh, that's for sure.

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