So, remember that blog I read? dooce? Well, the author, Heather B. Armstrong, has done something brilliant. Hilariously wonderful and brilliant.

She's incredibly sarcastic and somewhat dramatic. Not dramatic in the annoying way, but dramatic in the way that makes her writing exceptionally entertaining. But because of these things, and because she's a person who makes her opinions known, she gets a lot of hate mail. Like, dump trucks full of hate mail. And people say the most ridiculous things.

So one day she mentioned to a friend that she had gotten hate mail about the length of her dog's toenails.

Seriously. Who does that?!

Anyway, the friend said she should make a website and post all the hate mail she gets onto the website and put ads all over it and make money.

So she did. And she unveiled it today.

Monetizing The Hate

She's now making money off her haters.

And receiving hate mail about it.

I love it!

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