School started last Thursday. I was super excited. Woke up before my alarm went off, was ready to leave 20 minutes before I had to. And then I got into Energy and Society and was all, waiiiit...why was I excited for this again? Oh the monotony of note taking. I feel like Energy and Society might not be my favorite class. At least my friend Alex is in there with me. I told him we're going to get a huge A in that class. Working together, obviously, since I suck at science.

In the afternoon I have Philosophy of Religion. It's excellent. My professor is hilarious without trying to be and seems to be pretty brilliant about getting a room of people to discuss religion, something people are crazy passionate about whether they believe in it or don't believe in it, without creating too much anger and violence. He's this sun burnt or just always red-in-the-face redhead with glasses, his shirt half tucked in, and his tie all askew. And really, really big hands. That's what I first noticed. He likes to use them to make a point. Like saying, "This is a very serious challenge!" with his pointer finger and thumb touching and his whole hand bouncing up and down with each word. His fingers are like eight inches long(my hand bounced up and down in my head as I typed this).

My last class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is called Organizational Behavior. The professor is the husband of one of my favorite psych professors, and though this class is a business one, it's the closest to psych I'm going to get this semester. After meeting Mr. Professor, it's clear that Mrs. Professor has much more style than Mr. But as a teacher, I think I'll like Mr. just as much as Mrs.

My only complaint about this semester is that I don't have any breaks that are the same as my roommate from freshman year, Whitty. Well, Whitney. But I call her Whitty. I LOVE this girl, and she has three classes with my current roommate Laura. So the two of them get to hang out all day and I don't ever see either of them. But the exciting part is Whitty doesn't work Monday nights, and she loves One Tree Hill as much as Laura and I, but doesn't get CWTV at her house. So she's going to start staying over on Monday nights to watch One Tree Hill with us and crash here, and then go to classes on Tuesday with Laura. Hooray! We said Laura gets her all day, but I get her all night, seeing as she'll share my bed, that's a bit bigger than Laura's. The guys eating lunch with us when we were deciding this got a little excited at that announcement. We laughed!

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