Today I went for my first bike ride of the season. I love that. It was a beautiful day and I was warm and happy and it was a good workout for my lazy legs.

And, inevitably, I saw something I wanted to blog about. I think that's what I love most about my bike rides, the random events I see, and the time that's just me listening to music and biking hard and thinking.

I was getting back closer to my apartment when school let out today, so there were tons of kids walking home. I came up behind two little boys, and one of them was running the whole way, swinging around the fire hydrant and burning off all the energry he'd kept pent up in school. But the other one was walking slowly in a straight line, with a book open in his arms, reading the whole way.

I was that kid. The kid who walked down the hallway reading. It's amazing I didn't get picked on more. But I loved seeing that little boy today, knowing how I totally understood why reading his book was more exciting then running and playing all the way home.

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