This Sunday, these hearts are things I love and these parts are things I'd be happy to part with at any time.


Coach Stefanie Heels. I love how they're girly heels in the nude color but still a little tough with lots of leather and buckles. Now to find a similar cheaper version!
Spring Break. Oh how I needed a break this year just to relax! Last year I was so excited for Mexico but this year I was happy to work and make cupcakes and not have to attend class and to indulge in the following:
Sleeping In! Usually on the weekends I'll have one day where I can get a good 10-12 hours of sleep but these last few weekends I'd been missing that. Over break I slept in lots, getting 10-12 hours every night. So wonderful.
Zilactin. If you get cold sores, this stuff is a miracle worker. It stings when you put it on but then it dries to seal the whole sore for hours giving it a chance to heal. Love it!
Essie's Spring Collection. I bought the four pack of mini bottles and I'm so going to do that again with future collections! You can sample each color while still getting a considerable amount of polish. I love each of the colors in this collection too, so springy and wonderful


Spring Break ending. I never want to go back to school after Spring Break, especially after one with such amazing weather! So sad. Back at it for another half a semester of the tougher stuff. But it's my second to last semester, so there's a reason to find joy!

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