I love cupcakes. I really do. I don't know how exactly I came to love them, but the excitement I felt leading up to making these cupcakes was a little crazy.

They're not too challenging. It's not like I feel some sort of large accomplishment when I finish them. But I am excited about the outcome, something yummy and pretty and worth being excited about.

This time I made Stout Cupcakes. They're made with a stout beer, appropriate for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, and I put Bailey's Irish Cream frosting on them, which is also very appropriate. I'm bringing them into Jimmy John's tomorrow for my coworkers, because I certainly can't eat 28 cupcakes by myself.

When I asked my manager, Brent, if I could bring them in, I got out, "Hey Brent, can I bring cupcakes in fo-" before Troy, one of the other managers, went "Yeeess!", in a tone that made it clear he felt the answer to that question was ridiculously obvious.

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