- Ralph Lauren, Romance. It smells so good! I never open the little samples in my magazines because the smell always overwhelms me, but I happened to with this one. I love it!
- Naked juice. It's the best juice in the world. So yummy, and all natural. My favorite flavor is Mighty Mango. I'd drink it every day if it wasn't so expensive.
- The Black Eyed Peas. They just consistently come out with good dance music. That they then play on the radio far too many times, but I do still dance in my car every time I Got a Feeling comes on.
- oxfords. These are a little pristine for my taste, but oh how I'd love a good cream and tan pair to wear all summer long!
- Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I'm in love with this book. I have about twenty recipes flagged of cupcakes I want to try, like now. I'm making ones with Guiness in them for St. Patrick's Day. Can't wait!

- accounting finals. I will forever loathe accounting and struggle to understand all of it. Thank goodness my emphasis is marketing. This is the last accounting class I have to take.
- putting in my headphones when the music is too loud. Sometimes I turn up my iPod accidentally when it's in my pocket or in my backpack and then when I go to put my headphones in later I'm blown away by music. I love music, but that is definitely not my favorite way to experience it.
- shoes that make lots of noise on hard floors. The shoes I wore for Jilane's wedding made noises like I was a horse with horseshoes on walking down the aisle. Little noisy for my preferences. I also wore them this week with a dress to school. They're a little awkward for walking into a quiet classroom.

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