This Sunday, these hearts are the things I'm currently loving, and these parts are things I could do without. hearts//
- Lucky Brand necklaces. I love those two up top! Very bohemian and earthy with great pendants and lots of layers.
- Buffalo Wild Wings. I got to go with all my friends this week like they do every week! Thank goodness for cancelled night classes. I had Caribbean Jerk wings and a side salad. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW how good Caribbean Jerk sauce is.
- "You look super cute when you smile". One of the photographers I follow put that on his blog and it made me happy, because really, everybody looks better when they smile.
- The Boudoir Divas. These ladies are incredible. They have a full on boudoir studio in California and they work hard every day to help women feel fabulous and beautiful. They shoot intimate sessions and help their clients create "kiss books" for their husbands, books filled with sexy images for the love of their lives. They're a Christian company and they handle everything with grace and in a way that honors God. I love it!
- that bouquet! Don't you just love it? Simple wild flowers creating a hugggge bouquet. I really like bouquets of just baby's breath lately. So simple and lovely.

- Ridiculously high shipping and handling rates. Particularly on photography equipment. I'm already paying enough, do they really need to tack on $15 shipping for a small little box?!

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